Samadhi is a small, rural retreat centre near Manakau, at the boundary of the Manawatu-Wanganui and Wellington regions of New Zealand’s North Island.

This four-hectare property in the foothills of the Tararua Ranges offers a beautiful sense of peace and serenity. It currently features a cosy house, organic veggie gardens, an orchard bountiful with fruit and nuts, a serene lotus pond, and hills with walking paths winding through graceful and majestic trees. We are also looking to build a yurt or two soon!

Samadhi Retreat is operated by Ishaya monks from The Bright Path. Savitri, Prasada and Gauri  established the centre in May 2020.

‘Ishaya’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘for higher consciousness’. Ishayas dedicate their lives to experiencing, and helping others to experience, higher levels of consciousness, so that all of humanity can be free of stress and suffering. We are part of an international organisation known as The Bright Path – which is also a name for the path to union or enlightenment.

If you have already learned Ascension, or want to learn to meditate using the Ascension techniques, come join us at  Samadhi Retreat.

Pause and look around at the verdant bush. Listen to the wind playing in the trees. Smell the new-mown grass and sit down on the deck in the comforting sun, or indoors next to the warm fire, with a cup of tea and one of Atma Devi’s bliss balls.

Close your eyes and discover a place within you that holds the truth of the One.

I learned Ishayas’ Ascension meditation in 2008. It made such a difference in my life I wanted more and more of it. My family and I eventually went to Spain for the six-month Mastery of the Self course and I graduated as a teacher in 2013.  Since then I have taught hundreds of people including in schools, prisons, corporate workplaces, and in the community. I love being able to share these wonderful techniques which allow us to let go of thought and emotion, and experience peace and joy and all that is here now.


I’m a writer, business owner, dad, Ishaya monk, and teacher of Ascension meditation. The Ascension techniques changed my life, opening me up to be more present, more contented, more creative, more relaxed, more connected, more everything. Since 2012 I have taught Ascension to many hundreds of people in the community, prisons, youth programmes, and workplaces. Peace is a choice. I’m very excited to be able to share the Ascension techniques with you at Samadhi Retreat. 


I learned Ascension meditation in 2009 when I was eight years old. I loved using my “magic words” and felt like I had this special game that I could play with myself that nobody else knew about. In 2019 I took a gap year and travelled all the way to Spain by myself to become qualified to teach Ascension meditation. I am currently the world’s youngest teacher of Ascension. I have taught in eight different countries and love working with youth to help them experience more than the thoughts in their minds.



Samadhi Retreat is located just north of Manakau, in the Horowhenua District. Our meditation classes and retreats cater to people from throughout New Zealand and Australia. We are especially handy to the Wellington, Kapiti, Horowhenua, and Manawatu-Whanganui districts. Please contact us to book in for a retreat or meditation class.