Ascension Retreats at Samadhi are very special and a wonderful experience. Attending a retreat can be truly life changing.

Our Ascension Retreats for people who have already learned to ascend vary in length from a weekend up to seven days. They can be a powerful and transformative experience, allowing you to enliven and deepen your Ascension practice with great guidance on hand.

We offer a fun and relaxing time with great people and delicious food, together with the priceless opportunity for longer hours of ascending to burn off a lot of stress and become much more present. Massages and yoga may also be available.

At the end of the retreat you will have a much clearer experience of how to rest in the still, silent space of your own consciousness and you will have discovered a deeper connection with who you really are.

Give yourself the gift! Book now for the next retreat.


Join us for an enjoyable late summer weekend. Share great food and company, peaceful Ascending, and powerful support – all while enjoying the beautiful and peaceful environment at Samadhi Retreat. Places are limited so book now.


If you have already learned to Ascend, we also offer Ascension Days and other advanced meditation classes of varying lengths – from a few hours to a day or more. These courses are an invaluable opportunity to deepen your Ascension practice and its impact on your life.

Some courses are open format while others may explore a particular theme. Advanced courses are open to anyone who has learned the first sphere and are an invaluable opportunity to really reap the benefits that Ascension can bring to your life. See our event listings for the next Advanced Day.


If you’ve learned to Ascend, we can create tailored retreat options to suit you and your group. Set up a retreat for your friends, family, business, community, or interest group. Or tailor a retreat to explore a particular theme or life experiences. Please contact us for more details.


We’ll email once a month with upcoming events.

Samadhi Retreat was established to share Ishayas’ Ascension, a simple meditation practice taught by the Ishayas of the Bright Path. For more information about Ishayas’ Ascension, please visit