We teach easy meditation techniques for experiencing life beyond limitation.

During the First Sphere Retreat you’ll learn the first four techniques of the Ishayas’ Ascension practice. This is a simple practice for anyone seeking peace, freedom and oneness. You don’t need to have meditated before.

This course is relaxing, enjoyable and truly life changing. The Ascension techniques can be used throughout your day – with eyes open and eyes closed – to dissolve stress and suffering, free you from the mind’s limitations, and reveal a much more calm and joyful, open and expansive way of living.

Ascension works automatically for anyone, of any background or culture. No belief or lifestyle change is required – all that is necessary is an inner choice.


Take your first step to peace by joining this course. Residential and non-residential options are available. There will be cake!

All First Sphere courses at Samadhi Retreat take place over a weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. We offer residential and non-residential First Sphere Retreat options. 

The residential option is ideal if you want to get away from it all, immersing yourself in a  calm and peaceful retreat setting while you begin to discover the simplicity and power of the Ascension techniques. A residential First Sphere includes shared accommodation, plus all tuition and meals.

The non-residential option allows you to discover the Ascension techniques and explore their impacts while you’re continuing to experience your home and family life. The non-residential options includes all tuition plus Saturday and Sunday lunches.

When you come to a First Sphere course at Samadhi Retreat, we make an ongoing commitment to support your journey. In the first six weeks after the course we’ll schedule follow-up sessions (online or in person) to help you build a daily habit of meditating to bring more peace into your life.

After this initial period we (and all Ishayas) will continue to be available to support you in any way you need. You can contact us by email or phone. We’ll offer regular free meetings. You can repeat any non-residential First Sphere anytime, at no additional tuition cost.  Having completed the First Sphere you’ll be able to attend advanced courses and retreats which will help to reveal greater levels of peace.


Create a First Sphere Retreat or Course for your business, community group, school, or other organisation. You’ll learn techniques to dissolve stresses and emotional triggers, and bring greater clarity, peace and harmony into your group environment.  We can cater for weekend, midweek, or evening courses. You can come to Samadhi Retreat or we can come to you. Please contact us to discuss options.


We’ll email once a month with upcoming events.

Samadhi Retreat was established to share Ishayas’ Ascension, a simple meditation practice taught by the Ishayas of the Bright Path. For more information about Ishayas’ Ascension, please visit www.thebrightpath.com.